Coach Ned speaks with lots and lots of parents concerning the benefits of College to Career Coaching provided by NextStep. 

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Coach Ned’s c2c tip on COMMON SENSE

Your little millennial is all grown up and getting ready to go off to college. Before you “light the rocket” and blast him off to “The Land That Accountability Forgot”.  Can we please pause for a little common sense?

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Happy New Years !!

Ah, the promises that go along with Good Ol’ New Years Day…….

“All past mistakes are washed from our soul, new goals are set, we swear off our bad habits as we prance fearlessly and confidently into the promising pastures of the New Year!!”

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Coach Ned’s College to Career (C2C) Tips – What Now?

What now!!… my SAT and ACT scores are not good enough!!!

You may not recognize which moon doesn’t belong in the atmosphere of Pluto….but it doesn’t mean you’re a bad person!
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Coach Ned’s College to Career (C2C) Tips – So You Ask Yourself

So you ask yourself …….Am I really still at Mom & Dad’s?

It’s 4pm Wednesday afternoon. You lay on your parent’s couch munching Cheetos and watching “The Jerry Springer Show”. The afternoon sunshine seeps through the blinds glistening against your favorite satin pajamas. Geez…..I’m depressed just thinking about it. I’m sorry you’re there but don’t worry, there’s hope ahead.

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