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Networking / Communication

Career Guidance

Interview Skills

Résumé Building

One year with Nextstep College to Career Coaching costs LESS THAN ONE CLASS at most universities!

$359 a month. No contracts or obligations—ever.

The NextStep Program

Recent data suggests that about 8.5% of college grads between 21 and 24 years of age are still unemployed.

That might not seem like a big number, but when you consider that 44% of recent grads are employed in a job that doesn’t require a Bachelor’s degree, it becomes clear that a college education might not pay off the way it should.

That’s where the NextStep Program comes into play. Our coaching program isn’t a college education – it’s a program that focuses on making sure students are in the absolute best position to land a job after earning a degree. The program delivers numerous benefits including…

Resume Skills

Providing grads with confidence in their ability to complete an effective résumé.

Interviewing Skills

Preparing students for success at job interviews.

Career Guidance

Learning how to utilize a college’s career center and Alumni center in a way that can benefit your future.

Networking / Communication

Increasing your ability to communicate or network with professionals in your chosen field.

Coaching Programs

NextStep offers different coaching programs to suit each student’s needs. Whether your student takes advantage of the four-year program as an incoming freshman or chooses NextStep during their sophomore, junior or senior years, the benefits can be life-changing.

These days, it is essential to be working on a career path prior to graduation. At NextStep, our clients are empowered with the advantage of knowing how to navigate their path to employment and provided with the tools and knowledge to get there!

The Game Plan

At NextStep, we have a tried and true game plan to ensure each student’s success. This plan includes:

  • Résumé construction and customization
  • Optimizing interviewing skills
  • Proper interaction with Career Center, Career Fairs and Alumni Association
  • How to access and land internships
  • How to be positioned to field career job offers prior to graduation

A student’s success depends on their education, but it goes much deeper than just having a diploma in hand. They need to be able to convince employers that, out of all the prospective applicants out there, they’re the right one.

Our NextStep Program gives students that knowledge and more.

Start Today!

Waiting to create your personalized game plan can be detrimental-underemployment and unemployment has contributed to the increase in college-educated adults living at home (12.5% according to a July 2017 Statista report.).

It is never too early to begin thinking about The Next Steps before college.

Contact us at the NextStep now to begin the path to career and life success.

I would just like to thank you again for all your help in going over my résumé and talking me through changes that could be made in order for me to have more success…… I was just offered a spot in the internship program.


I wouldn’t be here today without the support I received from you.


I got a job at a research company and start next week!

AnnaUniversity of Dallas

With NextStep mentoring and guidance my son received three career/job offers prior to the commencement of this last semester in college.  Thanks NextStep!

Parent of Client

Without you I would not be where I am today!


I put my trust in you and it’s paid off “tenfold!” Thank you for being there to push and guide me.

StephanieUniversity of Arkansas

NextStep was skilled at communicating with my son in a way that a parent normally struggles with.

Parent of Client