Coach Ned here with some tips on a subject that once again came up this week, choosing or changing a major.

It’s crazy!!!!   Most colleges ask their incoming students to declare a major BEFORE they get to school.  Interesting proposition considering the typical High School Senior is unable to plan next week let alone decide what he or she wants to do for the next 50 years!!


Consequently, in many cases students either pick the wrong major and barrel through it or choose to change the major, increasing the cost and time of their college education.  Either option is not the preferred route through college, but trust Coach Ned….it happens all the time!


Rather than considering the educational aspects, Coach Ned’s perspective is solely on the career aspects of choosing or changing a major. Career is the number one variable to consider when choosing or changing a major!


Fun fact….recently, while speaking to a group of 14 High School students bound for college, Coach Ned asked a simple question, “Why are you going to college?”.

One by one the answers were given and it wasn’t until number 11 did the word, “JOB” enter the conversation!


Some questions to ask and answer before choosing or changing a major;


  1. What’s the percentage of jobs offered in this major?
  2. How much can I expect to earn with this major?
  3. Does its job market require a higher degree?
  4. Is there a good alumni presence from your school in this field?
  5. Is it a career that once in it, offers flexibility to seek other positions within the company?
  6. What major provides the highest likelihood of getting a job after college?