Coach Ned’s College to Career (C2C) Tips – What Now?

What now!!… my SAT and ACT scores are not good enough!!!

You may not recognize which moon doesn’t belong in the atmosphere of Pluto….but it doesn’t mean you’re a bad person!

“Excuse me, bright, educated, well mannered, ambitious, successful and extraordinary young person, we see you didn’t know enough silly answers to those ridiculous questions, therefore we shall deem you un-worthy to attend our school.”

“Oh…. and for those who did provide enough silly answers to those ridiculous questions, we provide SCHOLARSHIPS!!!”

Unfortunately, the good folks of our current educational system somehow still consider the SAT and ACT tests as the ultimate guide to intelligence. Even though it may not seem fair, Coach Ned does suggest that you do your very best on the SAT/ACT tests. Whether we like it or not, it’s an important criteria and you should do all you can to achieve your best score.

Should your scores not be as high as you would like them to be…….NO WORRIES, LISTEN UP!

SAT and ACT scores are important, but only used to get you INTO college. Once you’re in college, you will not be asked about those again.

Your SAT scores and ACT scores will not apply to your future employer. Coach Ned doesn’t know one interviewer that would even ask, let alone take stock in a candidate’s high school test scores (by the way, if you ever do come across a company that does by chance take stock in your high school test scores…….run away quickly!)

If your heart is set on a certain school and your test scores are not good enough for admission into that school;

  1. Go to a community college (look for Coach Ned’s future blog on this subject). Once you’re in CC, you can apply to transfer to your “dream institution” and they don’t and wont ask you about your high school SAT and ACT scores.
  2. You can choose a different school, one that puts less importance on test scores and more importance on you!

As a young person with all good things in front of you, try not to get hung up on any one “hiccup” along the way. Sometimes, we can be all consumed with what others are doing and what school they were accepted to but what’s really important is that you do what’s best for you.