Coach Ned’s College Life Hacks

Navigating college life is hard. Check out Coach Ned’s list of College Life Hacks to help make your life a little easier…

  1. Get organized!
    • You wouldn’t drive to a new destination without directions; nor should you try to navigate college life without a clear plan of action. By sitting down and getting organized, you will be better-focused and more in control of your life. Use your phone’s Calendar, Reminder and Notes apps for keeping track of your schedule and to-dos. Check tomorrow’s schedule every evening to prepare yourself for the day ahead.
  1. Set goals
    • What do all successful people have in common? They set goals and make it a priority to reach those goals. Whether it’s shooting for a 4.0 this semester or upping your daily water intake, write down what it is that you want to achieve, and start with baby steps to reach that goal.
  1. Give yourself deadlines
    • Do you always find yourself putting things off and rushing around last-minute to get them done, or even worse, not getting them done at all? Setting deadlines (for even the most minute tasks) will help you get things finished on-time, making you more productive (and much less stressed!).
  1. Ask for help
    • Nobody expects you to know everything. If you’re struggling, reach out to a fellow student, a teacher, your advisor (or Coach Ned!) for some help and guidance. The only way to learn and grow is to ask questions—and you’ll feel much better once you do!

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