What Does Coach Ned think of “A Gap Year”….just take a guess!

Ah…the infamous “Gap Year”.  Those of you out there in Blog Land unfamiliar with this term, please allow Coach Ned to explain.

After completing the burdensome task of obtaining an undergraduate degree, which evidently can only be likened to climbing Mt. Everest in a bathing suit and without oxygen, the graduate has “earned” and “deserves” an entire year off before going to work.

Coach Ned has been informed many times by parents that “a year abroad in Europe” or “a trip sailing the Seven Seas” is just what Junior needs to prepare himself for the real world.  After all, Junior will be working the rest of his life…and he’s worked so hard to finish college, and he’ll never have this chance again!


Gap Year? 4 or 5 years of college WAS your “Gap Year”! If Coach Ned could make a career out of going to college, every semester he’d be first in line to sign up!

College exists for one purpose…to get a career job after college.

If there were no universities, if the idea of college was never presented to mankind, would parents send their children off to a $150,000, 4-year fun camp to take classes, go to Fraternity parties and cheer at football games?  Of course not!

Needless to say, Coach Ned would recommend NOT taking a year off. Remember, 50% of all graduates in the USA are either unemployed or under-employed upon graduation. It’s not a given that everyone who would like a career job will be offered one prior to graduating.

Working on your career WHILE you’re in college and taking advantage of all the business opportunities and contacts presented to you WHILE you’re in college only apply to an immediate career position directly after college.

Envision the following scenario;

  1. A company is so impressed by your resume that they invite you to interview for a position.
  2. Then, after interviewing you two to three times, they are so impressed with your knowledge of business and excellent communicative skills, they invite you (over the other 250 applicants ) to be part of their company.
  3. They then say, “Go ahead and take your Gap Year and when you’re rested and ready, come report to work”.

Just doesn’t happen that way folks.

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