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Is College Really Worth It?

Tucker Carlson of Fox News has been airing a month-long exposé entitled just that…”Is College Really Worth It?” Coach Ned says…Heck Yeah!! (But only if you DO something with it) Allow Coach Ned to identify 3 important facts and how they pertain to this question we ponder; FACT #1 – You need a college degree […]

Is Graduate School a Good Idea?

Coach Ned is asked this often. Here’s the deal on the Master’s-or-no Master’s question… Let’s look at the financial circumstances surrounding a Master’s Degree.  Number one, it costs money and, in many cases, a lot of money.  Number two, it takes at least a year. It’s never a bad idea to have a graduate degree; […]

Which Comes First… the Internship or the Experience?

It can be a real bummer to stumble upon that PERFECT internship, only to find that the company is looking for a candidate with ‘X’ schooling and ‘X’ years of experience. It’s the age-old conundrum…how in the world do you land an internship when you have absolutely no experience? Lucky you…you have wise, old Coach […]


What Does Coach Ned think of “A Gap Year”….just take a guess! Ah…the infamous “Gap Year”.  Those of you out there in Blog Land unfamiliar with this term, please allow Coach Ned to explain. After completing the burdensome task of obtaining an undergraduate degree, which evidently can only be likened to climbing Mt. Everest in […]


Coach Ned and all at Nextstep are passionate about the 6th Classroom. Most students wait far too long before shaping their resumes for employment after college. By the way here’s a hint….the last semester of your senior year is too late!!!