Hi Parents / College Students….

Coach Ned here with another tip you can live by.  Working with college students, I find too many practice “tunnel vision” while looking for an internship and/or career job.

Companies look at hundreds of candidates when hiring so why wouldn’t you look at hundreds of companies while applying?


I hear this too often, “Well ABC Company said they may hire me so I wanted to wait to hear back before applying to other companies.”


My dear entitled, warm hearted, sweet tempered millennials; Please understand is that this is the business world and not everyone gets a trophy in this game! You have to be aggressive and assertive to be successful in business.


Go after all you can:


  1. The more companies you apply to, the better the odds that you will receive a positive response.
  2. Having multiple interview requests is a problem…A GOOD PROBLEM!!
  3. The more interviews you do, the more cover letters you write, the better you become at both.


It’s a competitive world out there ……be