Coach Ned’s College to Career (C2C) Tips-Cell Phone…Really!

Why Call it a Cell Phone??

Today, Coach Ned passes on to y’all a valuable College to Career “common sense” suggestion;

You young’uns should know that old folks like Coach Ned are not so fond of these handheld devices and view this maniacal invention as merely a necessary evil to survive in today’s business world.


An incredible invention for sure

College students and graduates are amazing when it comes to using their “devices” to communicate with the world. Understood and acknowledged … “the device” is the greatest invention since the Federal College Loan Program and without it, life, as we know it would cease to exist.


Maybe these devices have become too important? 

Coach Ned’s daughter is in college and recently lost her device. It took 3 days to replace it. The pain and suffering was immeasurable and those 3 days seemed to be an eternity….to everyone involved!!!


How could anyone live without this hand held magician?

What other modern invention allows you to Tweet, Snap Chat, Facebook, Insta-Gram, Pinterest, Google, Skype, Email and Text?  Not to mention the future 479,234 applications that will be invented next week.


It is a phone, correct?

If you read the instructions provided with your handheld life partner you might be surprised to know that in addition to all of those wonderful uses listed above, you can actually use this device to communicate verbally with other human beings.  Coach Ned rarely sees young people using their “phone as a phone”.


Tip of the day……. Make a few phone calls, it wont kill you.!!

My dear Masterpieces of the Millennium, if dinosaurs like Coach Ned are looking to hiring you; excellent verbal communication can be a valuable asset.  If he asks you to contact him, don’t text or email, make the phone call, it will be viewed as a refreshing change.