Coach Ned’s c2c tip on COMMON SENSE

Your little millennial is all grown up and getting ready to go off to college. Before you “light the rocket” and blast him off to “The Land That Accountability Forgot”.  Can we please pause for a little common sense?

Some of the stuff we do for our kids before they go off to college;


  1. In order to stave off the traumatic experience of kindergarten, we provide them with an informative and educational pre-school program.
  1. Hire special baseball and soccer coaches and provide private dance and gymnastic lessons.
  1. Hire private tutors.
  1. Enroll them into a College Prep High School.
  1. Hire SAT/ ACT coaches to improve exam scores.
  1. Spend thousands visiting and applying to colleges.

“We got him off to college so I’m sure they will take care of him from now on” 




College will educate but will not provide the skills required to be employed after college.


We have to remind ourselves that going to college is really about getting a job and starting a career.  We do everything to get the kid into college and do nothing to keep the kid from living back home after college!


Would you send your son or daughter off to a Select Soccer team without a coach?

Would you expect the SAT/ACT training class would have no instructor?


Why would you ever expect a student could obtain a career job upon graduation if he or she possesses no skills, information or knowledge of what it takes to be employed after graduation?


NextStep College to Career Coaching is a one on one program that ensures your child is extremely employable upon graduation.


It costs less than the “history of punk rock” class your kid will take in college.

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