Coach Ned speaks with lots and lots of parents concerning the benefits of College to Career Coaching provided by NextStep. 

The parents that didn’t use NextStep generally have a 23 year old “unemployed” college graduate living in their house, eating their food and making a mess.


These parents are easy to spot, walking in circles with a dazed look of confusion upon their tired faces sadly recognizing that becoming an “empty nester” is now merely a long lost dream.


Did they think the university would provide their kid with a job?


Did they think the university would prepare their kid to enter the job market?


Colleges don’t do that. College is for educating.

Should you complete a certain number of class credits, carry a certain grade point average and give them $150,000, the college will award you with an unframed fancy piece of paper. They do offer a Career Center, however 75% of all college students fail to grace its door.


The days of graduating and looking for a job are OVER!!!  Students need to prepare the entire time they are in college in order to be employable after college.


NextStep College to Career Coaching is a one on one program with a sole purpose……to prepare students to get a career job after college.


Would you sign up your kid for a select soccer team if the team had no coach?  Of course not, so why do we turn our kids loose in college without providing the required guidance they will need to be successful after college.




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