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Is College Really Worth It?

Tucker Carlson of Fox News has been airing a month-long exposé entitled just that…”Is College Really Worth It?”

Coach Ned says…Heck Yeah!! (But only if you DO something with it)

Allow Coach Ned to identify 3 important facts and how they pertain to this question we ponder;

FACT #1 – You need a college degree to apply for most every company in the USA. (Pertaining to career positions in the corporate world)

Do you realize that in today’s world, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs would not be allowed to interview for the very companies they created because neither has a bachelor’s Degree. Coach Ned doesn’t make the rules; however, this is an undeniable fact. In today’s world, you CAN’T get anywhere in the corporate world without a degree.

Is college worth it? THE ANSWER IS YES. When a degree is not required to apply to IBM, Coca-Cola or Exxon Mobil, then we can discuss and debate the merits of college.

FACT #2 – It’s not what you LEARN in college that matters, it’s what you DO while in college that matters.

Every degree at every college has a curriculum. You go to school, take the class, take the test and repeat the process until you graduate. The more you understand why you go, the better you’ll understand whether it’s worth it. Your degree, which we have established in FACT #1 is necessary, means nothing if you don’t parlay the degree into a career position upon graduation. If you earn a degree and don’t get a job, then college isn’t worth it. HOWEVER, should you work during college to pursue the one reason you go to college (to get a job!), then college IS worth it.

FACT #3 – Grades matter, but it’s not why you think

Coach Ned hears the following all the time, “If I get a 2.1 GPA or a 3.6 GPA, I get the same diploma. So, why should I work hard to earn a good GPA?”

In today’s world, 50% of all graduates are either unemployed or underemployed upon graduation. The main reason; there are far more degrees being handed out than there are jobs. Because of this, companies are being overloaded with applications, and the one way they have chosen to cut down the applications to a manageable number is to qualify a minimum GPA.

Does a company really value a 3.5 GPA student over a 3.4 GPA student? Of course not. Companies just don’t know any other way to cut the number of applicants.  You have to apply to get the interview and you have to interview to get the job so why not work hard to expand your opportunities?

Allow Coach Ned and his staff to guide you along in this process. NextStep College to Career Coaching will assist you and make sure you’re employable and ultimately employed upon graduation.  Is College worth it?  Yes…if you use the NextStep Program.

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