Coach Ned’s College to Career (C2C) Tips – So You Ask Yourself

So you ask yourself …….Am I really still at Mom & Dad’s?

It’s 4pm Wednesday afternoon. You lay on your parent’s couch munching Cheetos and watching “The Jerry Springer Show”. The afternoon sunshine seeps through the blinds glistening against your favorite satin pajamas. Geez…..I’m depressed just thinking about it. I’m sorry you’re there but don’t worry, there’s hope ahead.

So you ask yourself …….What happened to my confidence?

6 months ago you were “flourishing” as you stood in line to receive your college diploma. You were so proud, as you should have been! Earning a degree is a solid achievement and considerable commitment of time and money. The diploma they would hand you that day signified the foundation of your future. You were now ready to embark on your dream!

Where did I go wrong? …….You ask yourself

A college graduate should be able to find a job …right? The answer is NOT ALWAYS…and don’t be too upset, you’re not alone.

  • 35% of graduates work in jobs that don’t require a degree.
  • 15% of college graduates are unemployed or underemployed and living back at home with Mom and Dad.

The university lived up to their end of the bargain. They promised that if you earned the required amount of units, made at least a 2.0 grade average, and forked up an average of $150,000 you would earn a college degree.

What went wrong was during your college years, though you studied hard and made good grades, you did nothing to actually better leverage your position for postgraduate employment.

What could I have done? …….. You ask yourself

NEXTSTEP Coaching, LLC is a company that works with students on a continual basis, setting goals and meeting objectives with one goal in mind… MAKING YOU MORE EMPLOYABLE!!!

There are gazillions of college degrees handed out every year and not nearly enough jobs for the graduates.

Companies understand this to be true and have consequently sharpened their criteria when it comes to interviewing new hires. The graduate HAS to stand apart from the crowd and that is precisely the direction of NEXTSTEP Coaching.

What can I do now?…….You ask yourself

Uncle Ned’s advice is to:

  1. Get off the couch.
  2. Really look over and revamp your resume.
  3. Go and physically visit companies. You can visit 30 companies in a week, that’s 30 more than you would visit from the couch.
  4. Continue to get business experience. Serving an internship may seem beneath a college graduate but it provides experience and contacts, looks good on the resume, and most of all, it could lead to a full time job.