Preparing for interviews is important stuff and many of Coach Ned’s young “professionals to be” pose the question….What shall I wear?


Coach Ned will now utter those “two dirty words” that are completely foreign to the Millennial thought process……..COMMON SENSE


Here’s the deal and believe Coach Ned, he means to offend no one with his thoughts.


  1. If your overdressed for an interview you can’t lose. If your underdressed for an interview, you’re done like dinner!
  2. Though Coach Ned admires nose jewelry, facial and ear piercings, it might be a good idea to remove those (if possible) for the interview. Remember, most likely the people hiring you are “old goats” like Coach Ned but just not as open minded.
  3. If interviewing with a lady, gentlemen….shine your shoes. Coach Ned knows from his vast experience with the opposite sex that women always “check out” your shoes. If you are interviewing with a man, he probably won’t even notice you’re wearing shoes, let alone if there shined, but it can’t hurt…..shine em up!
  4. Here’s one you probably haven’t thought of; As a young college student you are “hungry” to get that first job. Interviewers appreciate that you have put on your best for the interview but wearing a $1500 Armani suit or a $2500 Dolce & Gabbana dress might lead the interviewer to believe otherwise.
  5. Ladies, modest is always best. Coach Ned is not blind nor is he too old to notice that the young ladies are wearing very short dresses these days. Keep it a few inches above the knee please.
  6. Though it is not a garment………leave your cell phone in the car!
  7. Aftershave and perfume……very light but none at all is better. A lot of you youngsters will be in “cubes” in your first job, no reason to scare them off before you get the job.
  8. Coach Ned wants you to be proud of your tattoos, but not at the interview. Cover em up if you can!


As you can see, there is no correct answer and if you apply some common sense, it’s easy to know.


Men, dress in suits and ties or shirts and ties with a sport coat.

Ladies, wear a modest dress or a business suit with nice business type shoes


Oh and remember to wear the following is MOST important….