I (Coach Ned) visit with many business owners and ask a lot of questions regarding what they like or don’t like when it comes to working with college graduates.

More times than not, both their complaints and their praises are regarding good work ethic and understanding why it is important. When discussing work ethic, common courtesy and respect are good places to start.


Business is real world!   In college, non responsiveness, procrastination, laziness and carelessness may push your grade from a B to a D but in business it could affect profitability which directly effects the employees and most importantly…..YOUR JOB!


Somewhere between texting, Facebooking, Snap Chatting and Tweeting we lost our sense of common communication.  I want to focus on a simple business task called being responsive.


I find it strange but it is truly a viable phenomenon; Most college graduates do not understand how to properly respond.


It goes like this;

………….Coach Ned sends and email asking for a task to be accomplished. The recipient (that would be you my esteemed Millennial) needs to reply AT THE EARLIEST POSSIBLE TIME.  Even if the task will take a day or so, you’re required to respond to the email.  “Thank you Coach Ned, I want you to know that I’m in receipt of this email and will get working on this task right away.”  That’s good business manners ☺


It works the same with clients……..In the old days (When Coach Ned graduated) there were NO computers, cell phones etc. A client would call, an assistant would take the message on a little pink slip and you would respond when you could.  If you got back to someone the next morning, it was acceptable.   


Now, with all the digital communication, should you wait more than 15 minutes to get back to someone, They think you don’t care.  


Don’t make me chase you down for an answer!!


Coach Ned’s College to Career tip for the day;


Always respond immediately and always be courteous and professional.


At NextStep, we really focus on our clients developing great and proper communication skills.  Call us at 972-767-6412 or go to our website  and email us.