Coach Ned and all at Nextstep are passionate about the 6th Classroom.

Most students wait far too long before shaping their resumes for employment after college. By the way here’s a hint….the last semester of your senior year is too late!!!

The 6th Classroom is your career. A student generally carries 5 classes per semester. Coach Ned likes to advise his clients to think of their career as the 6th class. So if a student takes 15 hours of classes, or 15 credits, a student should spend 3 hours per week attending to their career.


Our students, whom educate themselves to one day “rule the world”, should keep in mind a few points of concern with today’s college job market;


  1. 1 out of 2 college grads— about 1.5 million, or about 53.6 percent, of all bachelor’s degree holders age 25 or younger — were unemployed or underemployed in 2011.
  2. In the USA, over 3,000,000 4 year degrees are awarded annually.
  3. One in four young Americans moved back in with their parents AFTER living on their own.
  4. The share of employed young adults (aged 18-24) is at a 60-year low.


That is only a few facts, unfortunately there are many more!


Here’s some good news……….47% of college graduates do land career jobs after college….HOW ABOUT YOU BECOME ONE OF THOSE?


Your favorite College Coach (referring to Coach Ned of course) provides tips in his weekly blogs, but really a student requires structure, discipline and direction to be successful at this.  Taking 15 units is tough enough for a college student and implementing a time management program is their most difficult task.


The NextStep Program is structured, organized and unique. Via text messaging, emails, phone calls, skype sessions and face to face meetings, your personal NextStep Coach will guide your son or daughter through the process of becoming an “employable graduate.”


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