Benefits of Next Step career coaching include:

  • Communication

    Increased ability to communicate and network with others in chosen field

  • Confidence

    Confidence in your resume and interviewing skills

  • Success

    Success in identifying goals aligning with personal strengths

Next Step is Your Insurance Policy For Your College Investment

You have spent four years in High School.

You’ve studied and worked hard to obtain and maintain your GPA. You’ve written papers, researched university requirements, taken PSAT and ACT exams, sent out multiple applications; all to prepare you to attend the college of your dreams… but then what?

Once in college, you’ll dedicate yourself to earning and obtaining…. A College Degree. Graduating with a degree in marketing, engineering, business, philosophy, etc. is a great accomplishment and is certainly a testimony to your fortitude and determination…


A college education is important, however it WILL NOT and DOES NOT prepare you for employment.

NextStep is a “one on One” coaching program designed for one purpose….. Landing you a career job after college!!

Coaching Programs

NextStep offers different coaching programs to suit your needs. Whether you take advantage of the four-year program as an incoming freshman or choose NextStep during your sophomore, junior or senior years, the benefits can be life changing.

Now more than ever, it is essential to begin thinking about career paths before entering the workforce.

According to a 2014 survey by the Economic Policy Institute, the unemployment rate is 8.5% and the underemployment rate is 16.8%; both percentages have increased since the last study in 2007, with no end in sight.

Major mistakes college graduates make, per a 2015 article by Charles Purdy, include:

  • Not customizing resumes
  • Appearing unprofessional
  • Failing to network appropriately
  • Setting expectations too high

NextStep will guide you so that they know exactly what they want and how to achieve it, all while maximizing your university’s resources.

Interviewing Skills

Resume in hand, you will be more confident as you apply to your chosen opportunities. We practice how to interview effectively, including:

How to dress

Verbal and non-verbal cues

How to follow-up at a second interview

These essential life skills will always be helpful; signing up with NextStep today ensures a successful professional future.

Social Networking

Another crucial area of our personalized Game Plan is social networking – networking opportunities are the backbone of connecting with others in a chosen field for information, employment opportunities, and professional development.

One of the major mistakes graduates make is failing to utilize these networking opportunities appropriately – or at all.

We at NextStep  will show you how to connect with potential employers in a way that underscores your strengths and abilities. Sign up now in order to begin; the sooner you begin networking, the wider your network becomes!

What Our Clients Say

I would just like to thank you again for all your help in going over my resume and talking me through changes that could be made in order for me to have more success…… I was just offered a spot in the internship program.

WillUniversity of Auburn

I wouldn’t be here today without the support I received from you.

PatrickColorado School of Mines

I got a job at a research company and start next week!

AnnaUniversity of Dallas

With NextStep mentoring and guidance my son received three career/job offers prior to the commencement of this last semester in college.  Thanks NextStep!

Parent of Client

Without you I would not be where I am today!

ErikaUniversity of Texas

I put my trust in you and it’s paid off “tenfold!” Thank you for being there to push and guide me.

StephanieUniversity of Arkansas

NextStep was skilled at communicating with my son in a way that a parent normally struggles with.

Parent of Client

Start Today!

No matter if you’re a 1st year freshman or a 5th year senior , it’s always a smart move to improve your employability in the marketplace.  Our clients are successful!
…..We’d love to have you join us!!

Contact us at the NextStep now to begin the path to career-and life-success.