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What is NextStep all about?

  • NextStep provides college students with one-on-one résumé and career-prep coaching. We leave the studies to the professors and teach your student how to land a career job in their desired field after college. We truly care about your child and want him or her to succeed. We also encourage parents to be involved in the program. You are always kept in the loop and have access to your student’s progress at all times.

Who are NextStep clients?

  • We work with freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors from the time they join up until they graduate. We also help recent graduates who are having a hard time finding employment.

What does it cost?

  • $359 per month. There are never any contracts. Ever. If you find that the NextStep program isn’t working for your student, you can walk away at any time, no strings attached.

 After all this money, will my child have a job after college?

  • 50% of college graduates are either unemployed or underemployed. NextStep has a 97.9% success rate with its students landing career jobs in their desired field of study.

While at school, shouldn’t my child be focusing in on some type of career?

  • College handles the curriculum. NextStep focuses solely on internships and landing your student a career job after college by teaching them:
    • How to access information and interact with the campus Career Center and Alumni Association
    • How to create a professional and viable résumé
    • How to attend career fairs with purpose and direction
    • How to stand out as an ideal job candidate in interviews
    • What business etiquette is and how to use it effectively
    • How to create a professional LinkedIn profile and how to use it
    • The value of networking and how to network effectively

How do you communicate with students?

  • Via phone, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, email, text and face-to-face meetings.

Does NextStep place students in internships and career jobs?

  • We are not an employment agency; therefore, we do not “find” jobs for our clients. However, through our program, we prepare students to be in the best possible position to land internships and career jobs.

Does NextStep guarantee my child will get internships and a career position?

  • While we are unable to “guarantee” career placement, we like to let our record speak for itself. Since our inception in August of 2016, we have had a 97.9% success rate. If your student puts in the time, our program works.

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